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We, GPS FOR PARENTS started our journey in February 2021. What made us start our journey was seeing how distant parents and children have become from each other during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Children were becoming more and more indulged in online activities, such as gaming, watching, and making videos.

As a result, the time spent between parents and their children was decreasing day by day. Due to this, the bond between parents and their kids started to gradually weaken, which would have a big impact on society if not addressed as soon as possible. We strive to make life easier for parents by offering them a masterclass through various online courses.
Apart from that, we also help new parents to gain valuable knowledge about parenting. This way, they won’t have to wait until their relationship with their children is sour to start parenting properly. Our courses also apply to teachers, who act as parents for kids in the school and have a significant role in shaping their personality and future.

Our Objective:

Our objective is to create a happy society by making the parents and their children happy. This can only be achieved if the parents can improve their bond with their children. We help the parents to get in touch with their kids and know every detail about them, such as what makes them happy, or sad, what scares or motivated them, etc.
We strive to bridge the gap between parents and children through love and care, instead of counting, fighting, and calling names, which have adverse effects on a child’s psyche. We help parents to set milestones regarding their parenting by intuition, and the nature of their children.

About Course:

Our 5-day parenting masterclass ensures parents are informed and well-versed in every aspect of parenting so that their children can enjoy their childhood to the fullest. Only then can the parents be satisfied with their children’s behavior and their own parenting as well.

What makes us unique:

What makes us unique from other parenting courses is we cater to parents with children of all ages from 10 days to 28 years old. We also offer personalized solutions for parents, which help them to make decisions based on their unique situations. We also make the experience for the parents, instead of making it a strenuous one.

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